February 2, 2010

the grammy's

the day was lovely. really it was.... until my cell phone and japanese touch screen sony camera were stolen out of the quick change room....then of course Jimmy Jam announced the winner of the best r&b female category... it honestly went by so fast I didn't even have time to feel like i lost. he was on to the next thing within about 14 seconds. the performance was tempered by the fact that I wanted to kick someone in the shins for taking my stuff... but all and all- I enjoyed the day. In my opinion the r&b alternative category was the best one- and I was rooting for Erro or Foreign Exchange...but it is all ultimately kind of a popularity contest. If you are eligible to become a member of NARAS I urge you to do so, and VOTE. I also thought it was strange how NONE of the black categories were televised- at all...I guess the best solo on a jazz record (won by terence blanchard) would tell me to shut up and quit cryin'.. Some categories never ever get shown. there are a lot of thankless places to be in this industry. Of course once I realized I wouldn't be able to pinkroom, chat, text, twitter, facebook, myspace....then I got mad. you know how I love to deliver the play by play....but I am already looking forward to next year!!!!!!
I know you guys were all pulling for me, and it's sucks when we lose....bad. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
one of my Goddaughters asked me if Beyonce' had stolen my iphone...hilarious.
I loved both of my dresses, and I was so happy to see Arnold on the red carpet. He's one of the most prominent photographers- always everywhere, and he's photographed everyone....he did my very first photo shoot when I was 18 years old.
I am always covered. By the universe, by God, by Angels, by all of you.
thank you again....


  1. Did they check Beyonce's purse?

  2. I was there for the Pre-Tel and the event so I was blessed to watch Erro and FE get robbed but it's all good. I am a member of the Academy and I plan to encourage all my musician friends - with the proper credits - to join and vote in future years.

  3. I don't think your live album is going to be deniable. I'm puttin' it out "to the universe" now.

  4. I too am looking forward to next year. Go Get 'em!!! ..and uhh I was going to say, check Lil Wayne's pockets.

  5. It WAS weirdly ironic that NONE of the "urban", i.e. black, categories were televised. Maybe we'll have to fight for the Grammys to be televised during Black History Month for our artists to get some broadcast-love...hmmm.

    Stay shinin', sis!

  6. Looks like you need someone to watch your back.
    You look so lovely. Your a winner to me. Always,,,

  7. This blog looks kind of lonely . I haven't been here in a long time. I do see you on face book from time to time. I hope to see you in person one day.
    Peace U R blessed .


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