November 26, 2009


thank you for music and ma and daddy, calvin, boston and bootsy.
thank you for the pink room, and all the other folks who even give a hoot at all. 
thank you for my records, as they have served as my children. my legacy. 
thank you for all my friends and family. they are also my legacy. 
thank you for my godchildren, and all my teachers.
thank you for school and books, computers and cameras, 
my home and my health, my lips and my eyes. 
thank you for every single note i have ever heard, 
on every single record. thank you for all of the musicians that have supported me
through the years, and everyone who listened.
thank you for gifting me with the sound that i make. 
thank you for all the records that shaped my life and made me the musician that i am today. thank you for my wii, playstations, and xbox. thank you for best buy and brookstones and the apple store. thank you for HBO, Soul Sessions, and Biggest Loser. 
Thank you for ma's butter fish, hot tamales, and the jazz ramen bar.
Thank you for Tokyo, Virginia Beach, Atlanta, and Chicago. 
Thank you for Lake Shore Drive, and Mass Ave. 

Thank you Master for my soul.


  1. Thank You, Lalah! You are appreciated...JH

  2. I'm thankful to the most high for you and the comfort found in your voice...bless you sweet lady!

  3. Wow! Great thank you Lalah. you are in God's favor so u will have so much more to thank him for next thanksgiving.


    ps. Is Boston a Maltese? He's soooooooo cute! you're making me miss Toffi and tucker my two Goddogs. There in Ohio now.:(

  4. and thank you for sharing yourself with the world.


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