November 16, 2009

more stuff.

It is 1 month exactly until my birthday, and my friend asked me what i wanted and I could not think of anything.
this sent me into a small panic attack.
is there nothing I want? where are my toys-r-us flyers? Sharper Image  went bankrupt?
I'd love to move to Manhattan Beach into a 3 story house with an elevator, but that's on my 'God list'.
I have more than enough stuff. I have rooms with closets full of stuff.
I have cups from TJ's- the Berklee cafeteria. 
I don't need anymore stuff...
I'm cool on 'stuff'.

Thank you Lord.


  1. HMM SO benicio dont have to come ova ??

  2. Im a point now where all I want for gifts are music and books. I dont think I'd ever have enough of either!


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